Portals enter new era

Convinced that the user experience should be at the forefront of self-serve platform development, Wavenet Channel Sales Director Antony Black says wholesale providers must focus on giving partners what they really want – a strategic portal.

Solving the UK's skills crisis

ICT consultant and industry influencer John Chapman proposes a revolutionary Skills and Knowledge Investment Bank as the only solution to the UK's crippling skills crisis. 

Going to town in cities

Joined-up thinking and a collaborative approach from all stakeholders is key to the success of all smart city projects, according to Nick Sacke, Head of Products and IoT at Comms365.

How CAE hit £100m

As Justin Harling, CAE Technology Services CEO, charts the company’s journey towards becoming a £100m revenue business this year we see ever more clearly the ongoing growth potential of a long-established IT giant breaking into a gallop.

New centres of opportunity

Stuart Higgins, Head of Smart Cities and IoT at Cisco, urges the channel to wise up to the smart city market which, he says, is already a land of opportunity for the tech giant.

Redefining UK cities

The value of successful smart city projects is crystal clear, just as transparent is the need for a wholesale transformation of business models to deliver them, says Anton Le Saux, Head of M2M & IoT at Zest4.

Parker goes full throttle

From the moment babble cloud CEO Matthew Parker gained greater control fast growth was bound to come, and it was an MBO one year ago that enabled him to slip the leash and pull the business together on an ambitious expansion strategy.

On call for TeleDOC

A new WebRTC app that enables doctors and medics to conduct click-through video consultations with patients will ease the burden on the health sector and provide a boon to recipients of health care services, claims the app's creator. 

Bound by Mobile Bill Limits 

Union Street's Head of Sales & Marketing Vincent Disneur discusses the implications of new Ofcom regulations designed to protect customers from Bill Shock. 

FCS exposes key issues

Itret Latif, Interim Chief Executive Officer at the Federation of Communication Services (FCS), exposes two key regulatory issues.

Fidelity Energy hits £100m

After hitting the ground running at Comms Vision just three years ago Fidelity Energy has powered past the £100 million Total Contract Value (TCV) milestone.

Legacy to leading edge

Of course the migration from legacy to leading edge in the comms industry poses challenges, but it also creates a range of new opportunities and may be easier achieved than first thought.

Time for a PBXIT plan

VanillaIP's research found that 80 per cent of the market is still serviced by traditional PBXs, so the company has responded with a two pronged action plan.

FluidOne pulls in West

FluidOne has recruited KCOM Head of Channel Henry West as Channel Sales Director in a move that completes the data connectivity provider’s leadership team as it seeks to fulfil aggressive growth ambitions.

Cloudcell ramps up 

Winchester-based Cloudcell Technologies has completed the first phase of its fast growth strategy and, says Managing Director Kevin Boyle, there is much more to come.

Daisy and fibre dominate Q3

Philip Carse, Analyst at Megabuyte.com, reports on the trading performance of leading companies in the comms space during the last quarter.

Blog: Recruitment brisk despite Brexit bite

There’s no doubt that Brexit is impacting the UK hiring market as a lack of live candidates lowers competition to just 0.37 applicant per advertised job (Adzuna).

Impact of a no-deal Brexit

Current Brexit news points to the possibility of a no-deal scenario with important implications for the comms sector, according to Dave Millett, Director of telecoms brokerage company Equinox.

Ambition with a twist

Entrepreneurs are so often fuelled by all-consuming gas guzzling ambition, but not Mirus IT Solutions Managing Director Paul Tomlinson who’s driving hard and fast on a mix of aspiration and contentment.