Mixing it up in cloud comms

Pay heed to Martin Bacon: All resellers should waste no time in solving customer painpoints with a ‘perfect mix’ of unified modern day ICT solutions, says Chess’s Cloud Voice Specialist.

Think outside the phone box

Resellers must forge staunch links with the fast evolving hosted comms marketplace, not remain chained to the past, argues NTA Channel Sales Manager Justin Blaine.

What’s your number?

A business plan without a personal strategy is as pointless as not knowing your numbers, according to Xentum MD Adam Carolan, a next gen financial planning expert whose Grab Life ethos brings a fresh perspective to a staid sector. 

Falconer links up with NGA

Bob Falconer is back – and helping Amber Infrastructure-backed Nextgenaccess (NGA) map a path towards rapid growth. 

5G casts doubt on FTTP

In his blog on the impact of 5G Jola MD Andrew Dickinson questions the case for FTTP and considers why separate mobile voice and text networks are likely to go the same way as ISDN.

Finding the right balance

The only plausible option for contact centres is to adopt the right balance of new technologies such as cross-organisation omnichannel analytics, says Sabio Chief Innovation Officer Stuart Dorman. 

Winfield talks up AI

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that will most excite the industry in 2019, according to Content Guru's UK Sales Director Edward Winfield.

Full fibre era beckons

The art of winning in Digital Britain is that of speed and agility in grasping new innovations that surround the roll out of full fibre and 5G. On that there is no fall-back other than to lurch towards the copper cliff edge.

Kivlochan gets more strategic

Any attempts to keep ONI CEO Kevin Kivlochan from achieving his goals are going to flounder on the strength of his strategic independence and ambition – as his early career experiences have already shown.

Megaproject under way

No one can doubt that Britain has been starved of a focused and determined full fibre strategy supported by substantial investment, until now.

Rise of fibre in busy Q4 

Philip Carse, Analyst at Megabuyte.com, reports on the trading performance of leading companies in the comms space during the last quarter.

Openreach shifts to full fibre 

Openreach is doing everything in its power to overcome the practical and regulatory challenges faced by full fibre providers as we move towards Digital Britain, says Katie Milligan, MD for Customer, Commercial & Propositions. 

Prime time for women

The story of male domination in the comms channel is all too familiar but there are clear signs that the gender imbalance is starting to equalise, according to Sky Business Head of Operations and Pre-Sales Harmeet Kapoor.

Forum to drive growth

Forget economic uncertainty and Brexit – the potential for ICT businesses to grow through investment and M&A is perhaps at its greatest scope than ever. The only threat is missing the opportunity.

Macri on AI and home life

The rise of AI has redefined the channel as a facilitator of an ever more intelligent workplace, according to Joe Macri, VP for Commercial Partners at Microsoft UK.

Recurring revenue focus

The best long-term option for South West Communications has always been to adopt a recurring revenue model where possible to great advantage, says Managing Director Brian Lodge.

Cloud front and centre

Any and every development within the ScanSource strategy roadmap has cloud at its core, according to Vice President of Cloud Solutions & Services Paul Emery.

Docker's early IP vision

With felicitous timing in 2004 MPS Networks Managing Director Tim Docker recognised that IP was the future and its potential only realisable through a series of strategic turns and a programme of business change.

Smart moves in cities

Smart cities may soon become firmly part of the comms channel’s growth outlook, according to Entanet Head of Products Paul Heritage-Redpath and CityFibre Product Manager Victoria Papathanasiou (pictured).

Voiceflex in Unify link

The appointment of Voiceflex as Atos’ first Unify Cloud Service Provider is a breakthrough for the business , says Sales and Marketing Director Paul Taylor.