• Canny channel ready to tackle a tumultuous 2023

    A year ago, we ran a Kaleidoscope titled “2022 aspirations: Setting out strategy in the era of uncertainty.” Whilst it would’ve taken a naive business leader to assume the world would regain equilibrium over the past twelve months, few might have guessed the raft of challenges they would be forced to face.

  • Resellers outsourcing to secure larger slice of the pie

    The build-up to 2025 is the perfect time for MSPs to capture more business by adding additional capabilities. UK businesses will be presented with a myriad of new tech/comms options and will default to their trusted reseller partner when considering making these investments.

  • Channel leaders supporting teams through cost hikes

    This month’s Kaleidoscope will look at how channel organisations are navigating widespread cost increases.

  • Channel prepared to pounce on a wealth of opportunities

    Business plans concocted pre-pandemic were thrown out the window as the requirement for two years of crisis thinking to protect revenue and staff wellbeing became paramount. In the wake of the pandemic, thinking pivoted from response to recovery; a stabilising period that saw many get back on their feet.

  • Striking the balance between automation and the human touch

    The face of customer service has changed significantly in recent years. The pandemic heightened expectations and changed how end users wanted to interact with brands. A seamless omnichannel experience is now the minimum expectation.

  • Apprentice army helping channel fight skills gaps

    It is well documented that the growing skills gap in the workforce has the potential to slow the UK’s recovery post Covid-19. With competition for candidates at an all-time high and employers penning contracts that will keep their valuable skilled workers in place for the foreseeable future, recruiters cannot rely on the luxury of hiring the complete package.

  • Is the channel back to its fundraising best? You bet it is!

    It’s broadly accepted that philanthropic business models work. They make companies look beyond meeting their KPIs and generating profit to build more generous, positive workplace environments. Employees feel proud to be part of a team that is making a real difference to the lives of those in need and are more likely to view the company in a good light as a result.

  • Rising energy prices threaten post-pandemic IT spend

    Soaring energy and fuel prices have blindsided organisations across all sectors in the UK and forced two comms-based quandaries to the forefront of business planning. The first question surrounds the working from home trend.

  • A hybrid events calendar brings the best of both worlds

    With the UK’s vaccination campaign working to contain the worst effects of Covid-19, the ICT industry is itching to fill the calendar with live events, awards dinners and networking gatherings. But this does not spell the end for digital events.

  • Sales and marketing working together score more goals!

    Sales and marketing are traditionally two distinctive approaches to the same end – yet all too often operate in silos. Marketing is strategy and lead generation; sales is the implementation of that strategy.