Poised to propel Unify

Viegli has kicked off a no holds barred campaign to supercharge Unify’s presence in the SMB sector and treble the size of the vendor’s channel with a growing ‘army’ of small business resellers, according to Managing Director Robert Nunn.

Top techies by nature

Not only has Cloud Geeks MD Mike Ianiri optimised the opportunities that cloud transformation delivers, he also provides clarity on buying decisions and how to establish a solid cloud migration strategy.

Big rewards in payments

Providing Payments-as-a Service is a compelling opportunity for resellers quick out of the blocks and a partnership platform unveiled by the Fidelity Group aims to accelerate implementation across the channel.

Morey takes the lead

EnableX Chief Executive Will Morey shares insights into how his leadership brand and people-centric approach are driving the company’s growth and shaping its long-term strategy.

Managing risk factors

Six Degrees CISO Paul Rose assesses risk and risk tolerance following the pandemic and how to build a resilient organisation in a world of evolving security threats.

Obituary: Karen Heaven

A distinguished marketing executive whose professional prowess and management approach transformed BT Wholesale’s channel presence and the careers of those who worked with her.

Onecom Partners launches

The launch of Onecom Partners promises to turn traditional channel models on their head with fresh thinking and innovation underpinning an ecosystem of interconnected partnerships.

Aryaka scales up UK ambitions

American network security company Aryaka has ramped up its UK channel activities and the man at the centre of its expansion strategy is Channel Sales Director for UK & Northern Europe Gary Read.

Time to rethink billing

Tekton Director Harry McKeever  argues that it’s prime time to future proof billing platforms and capitalise on them as centres of operational excellence.

Viatel CEO expands his horizons

Viatel is approaching an expansion milestone as it seeks to establish a strong presence in the UK and Europe, according to CEO Paul Rellis.

Bramley on Croft’s MSP transition

Croft Communications CEO Mark Bramley on why today’s ICT market dynamics call for a broader take on service provision, and how his expanding horizons are helping to build resilience as an MSP.

Microsoft to the Core

The rise of collaborative partnering is best displayed in the relationships MSPs forge with customers, according to Core Technology Systems CEO Conor Callanan.

Gen Z drives UC agenda

Gamma Chief Marketing and Product Officer Chris Wade explores the many ways Gen Z is fuelling the market for UC and collaboration, providing resellers with an ever more relevant conversation to have with customers.

Stay true to Net Zero

In the midst of pressures that threaten to take the edge off efforts to tackle climate change challenges, Zen CEO Paul Stobart urges business leaders to ramp up for Net Zero action.

Productivity booster

Here, Adept CEO Phil Race shares insights into his evolving and holistic people engagement strategy and how it continues to deliver positive productivity results.

ICUK innovates in VoIP

ICUK's product development and innovation prowess is thundering into view again with the launch of a new VoIP platform that Director Paul Barnett says delivers a genuine breakthrough.

Stone sets 2030 target

Stone Group’s Head of Sustainability Sheryl Moore shares insights into how the pioneering business plans to achieve its ambitious Net Zero ambition.

Achieving green goals

Putting sustainability at the heart of day-to-day business practice is key to a low carbon future, according to Helen Boggs, Marketing and Communications Manager, Agilitas.

Driving for Net Zero

Gamma’s Environmental Data Manager Callum Lydon shares key insights into how the channel giant is addressing Net Zero challenges and opportunities.

New Act delays deals

Knight Corporate Finance co-founder and Director Adam Zoldan unravels the implications of new legislation linked to national security risks on certain M&A deals in the UK comms channel.