DWS acquires Giacom

Digital Wholesale Solutions’ (DWS) acquisition of Giacom provides the channel with a strategically precise response to the converging marketplace, according to DWS CEO Terry O’Brien and Giacom CEO Mike Wardell.

Redefining your value

There are various ways of assessing your business, but perhaps the most important criteria are in terms of value and the ‘perception’ of worth, according to Knight Corporate Finance founder Adam Zoldan.

Sector resilience pays

The experience of past recessions is that the comms sector is largely resilient and in demand. Not even Covid-19 has knocked the channel off its tracks. In fact, says Megabuyte Chief Analyst Philip Carse, it’s full steam ahead.

Cook opens up on sale

From the moment former Union Street Technologies Chief Executive Tony Cook decided on the timing of his exit strategy he was wholly committed to delivering on the plan for himself and for staff.

The ‘forgotten niece’

One of the best indicators of how business owners should shape up their organisation for any future planning is the criteria on which PE houses pin their bets, according to Managing Partner David Barbour.

Establishing the perfect mix

The chief factors during the acquisition process are in business, law and finance matters, not least due diligence. But integration issues should also be addressed early in proceedings, says Elitetele.com COO Alex Cliffe.

Block chief on strategy

Block CEO Marc Chang was always likely to set up and run his own business, but it was the Melissa Worm that proved a critical turning point on his pathway to success in the tech sector.

Know your number

Not until business owners set out a long-term personal financial plan would it be sensible to consider business strategy, advises Xentum MD Adam Carolan.

A driver for automation

Under new ownership Nordic software house PacketFront Software aims to orchestrate and automate the UK’s ‘manual’ networks and processes into the 21st Century, says VP of Sales Timo Kuusela.

Nunn moves to distribution

In speaking up for smaller resellers ‘left to fend for themselves’, Viegli owner Robert Nunn could not be clearer on his intent to transition traditional players to the hosted world.

Kaye’s winning blend

It is now more clear than ever that channel partner success boils down to a blend of portfolio breadth and value, says TelcoSwitch Managing Director Barry Kaye.

Tang’s ultimate mission

All business leaders should not hesitate to campaign in favour of, and subscribe to, the organisational values advanced by B Corporations (B Corps), urges Zen Internet founder and Chairman Richard Tang.

Driving disruptive thinking

Ultimately, any resistance to establishing a policy of organisation-wide disruptive thinking could pose a risk to the long-term sustainability of a business.

The right balance

Many customers value stability and consistency, so you should not be disruptive for its own sake, argues Andy Wilson, Head of Wholesale, CityFibre.

Fresh thinking pays off

There are strong arguments in favour of underpinning key elements of a long-term business plan with disruptive approaches, according to Alan Mackie, Chief Marketing and Products Officer, Gamma.

Reasons to get into mobile

For DWS Sales Director Garry Growns it’s hard to believe that many of the channel’s comms resellers do not sell mobile. It is a scenario he is seeking to reverse urgently.

Gamma on mobile disruption

The mobile market presents an extraordinary opportunity which is reflected by Gamma’s ‘market disrupting’ partnership with Three, according to Gamma’s Head of New Business Mark Lomas.

Connect with eSIM potential

Two things are clear. One is that the IoT opportunity is growing by the day. The other is that eSIMs should reside at the centre of a reseller’s IoT strategy, according to Jola’s CTO Adrian Sunderland.

Leasing opportunities

In discussing the mobile market opportunity for comms and IT resellers and the buying options available to clients the benefits of leasing become instantly apparent, according to Shire Leasing National Sales Manager Dan Mackrell.

Pangea on the new age of IoT

As a multi-million turnover business working with hundreds of partners, Managing Director Dan Cunliffe says his focus is ever sharpening as new IoT opportunities emerge.