Customer protection is key

Staggering under the potential threat of security crises and compliance failures, SMEs are turning to their tech providers who they hold accountable for protection. 

A Daly digest in comms

Dalycom is a bastion of customer service – to be anything else is folly, according to MD Amanda Daly who also ensures the firm is an authoritative voice of the industry. 

KCOM’s era of rejuvenation

Following strategic investment in a refreshed channel proposition resurgent KCOM is giving partners the flexibility and agility they need to underpin and support their value added services.

Security threat downplayed

  Sections of the comms sector continue to reduce VoIP security threat levels to ‘moderate’ and sit on their hands in the face of belligerent cyber attacks.

Zest4 raises the IoT bar

It is not beyond the bounds of all resellers to secure a share of the IoT market, argues Anton le Saux, Zest4’s Head of IoT, who says it’s not only doable but straightforward.

Hughes sets the Pace

Pace Telecom CEO Jamie Hughes has embarked on another expansion period with acquisitions and channel development dominant aspects of his growth strategy.

Powell: Does fixed line still make sense?

Just Telecomms CEO Richard Powell’s grand project shows the depth of his conviction in a mobile-first future and strong belief in the power of the channel model to deliver it.

Meaningful Insights

For Emma de Sousa, Senior VP of Insight, leadership is a vocation, a calling to build teams whose members live and breathe the core cultural values that she helps to instil. 

Horton's new path to growth 

Russell Horton’s obsession with business growth continues unabated as he releases the great potential that lies within FluidOne – and his CEO appointment in April means the game is on.

Glide spreads its wings

With its strategic roadmap and rebrand now cemented, Glide Business has the backing to expand its partner base as a national supplier of alternative connectivity services.

Boucher’s bid for growth steams ahead

Excalibur Communications CEO Peter Boucher has promised to ‘expand and strengthen the company’ following the MBO he led in May. Here’s how...

Why consultation is key

A growing bevy of cyber crime threats show that the old vendor-led model of selling security has collapsed.

AI revolution advances

The key message about the rise of AI is that its lead role in the contact centre space is inevitable and truly revolutionary, according to Avaya’s Solutions Marketing Director Natalie Keightley.

TTG’s big master plan

With one acquisition under its belt and a five year growth plan set in stone, The Technology Group has added a strong emphasis to its short and long-term ambitions, says MD Jonathan Marsden.