Spitfire rolls out SIP Gateway solution

To offset the impact on customers of BT's ISDN switch-off planned for 2025 ISP Spitfire has introduced a SIP Gateway solution that enables traditional PBX systems to interface with SIP trunks for VoIP telephony.

"Having made a significant investment in ISDN phone systems, many of our customers are concerned about the planned withdrawal of ISDN services by Openreach," stated Sales Director Dominic Norton.

"The SIP Gateway provides a neat and cost-effective solution which protects the customer's investment while providing the additional benefits of VoIP telephony using SIP trunks."

Norton claimed that switching to SIP trunks using SIP Gateway could produce significant cost savings.

"As an example, for eight channels of ISDN 2e savings range from 15 to 34% and for ISDN30 on 30 channels savings of between 35 to 58% are possible," he explained.

"SIP Gateway is offered on a monthly rental basis and the cost savings possible from using SIP trunks, as opposed to ISDN circuits, should more than cover the rental for most businesses."

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