CX focus to drive cloud consolidation, finds 8x8

IT leaders (57%) see cloud communications as the technology that will have the biggest impact on their customer experience, ahead of artificial intelligence (55%), and the Internet of Things (53%).

8x8’s Future of Work survey found that 43% of leaders either plan to consolidate the number of communications applications it provides, or move to the use of a single-platform across the organization (39%)

Currently only one-fifth (13%) of surveyed organizations operating in the cloud across a single-vendor platform,

“Unfortunately, many organisations in their haste to move to the cloud at the start of the pandemic implemented a host of disparate, band-aid tools.

“On average, companies are using seven different tools for messaging, collaboration, file sharing, and meeting management alone,” said Constellation Research VP Dion Hinchcliffe.

8x8’s research also alludes to the death of the in-person meeting. Half of professionals believe desk phones will either be the least or second-least-used communication tool in 2030, along with softphones and in-person meetings.

Almost half of professionals (47%) believe video meetings will be the most used communication channel in 2030.

Work no longer defined by place                    

The Future of Work survey found that 60% of IT and CX leaders believe their office workforce will be predominantly hybrid by 2023 and 22% believe their organisation will be able to operate from anywhere.

Only one-fifth of IT and CX leaders believe that full-time employees will need to work a traditional five-day workweek by 2030.

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