Daisy Anywhere busts IoT myths

A power partnership between Daisy and Pangea is set to unlock growth underpinned by intelligent mobile data, and a key part of their strategy is to help partners look beyond traditional perceptions of IoT and harness Daisy Anywhere, a new way of thinking about connectivity that is certain to make you think twice about IoT.

“There is a misconception that IoT simply transfers small packets of data, which made it difficult to crystallise the real opportunity,” said Julien Parven (pictured above left), Director of Daisy Partner Business. “But the Daisy Anywhere concept productises the vast intelligent mobile data opportunity.”

Headshot of Bernie McPhillipsPangea Sales Director Bernie McPhillips (pictured left) noted that intelligent mobile data can be applied to many different use cases. “That’s due to the nature of the investment Pangea has made in its core infrastructure,” he said. “We’re effectively plugged into the mobile networks, we have a presence in five UK data centres and that data comes into our private network. So we have far more control than you’d get from a typical mobile broadband service.”

McPhillips says Pangea ‘can do clever things’ such as build applications into its core network, like dynamic content filtering at network level. It can also assign true public or private static IPs at network level. SIM cards can go in any device and have a static IP which is often critical when connecting payment terminals and CCTV cameras for example. “When providing Internet with hosted telephony you need a static IP on the SIM,” added McPhillips. “These are examples of why intelligent mobile data is different.”

Parven explained that the complexity around intelligent mobile data resides only at network level. “My message to partners is that everything is taken care of for them,” he said. “It’s about being able to identify the array of opportunities that exist for intelligent mobile data and crystallising them into a proposition for customers.”

McPhillips also emphasised that the myth of tiny packets of data and having to do massive volumes to make money is a thing of the past. “Now, we have high data bandwidth applications like CCTV or we can provide intelligent mobile data solutions to deliver Internet where fibre isn’t available,” he added. “A 4G/5G SIM will get the customer up and running tomorrow. And when the fibre goes live, turn it down to back-up.”
On this point Parven added: “We all know the challenges around the deployment of some services, leased lines in particular. This reduces the lead to cash timeline and radically improves the customer experience.”

According to McPhillips, ‘there’s some incredible high bandwidth applications out there’. “We’re connecting ferries, trains, two of the biggest global airlines as well as huge logistical organisations with over 4,500 vehicles,” he stated. “These customers are using terabytes of data. Old ideas of low data, tiny packets, no money in it – it’s all a myth. There is money to be made with good margins and long contracts, high ARPUs and low maintenance.”

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