Channel to share sales thoughts on new Pragma Ideas Lab

Service provider Pragma has joined forces with SaaS selling professionals and a panel of market-leading resellers to provide insights on how to adapt sales tactics and business models post the Covid-19 lockdown.
‘The Ideas Lab’, aims to provide comms resellers with the best practices for enabling and innovating their approach in a changing market. Participants will be presented with an array of the latest ideas and technology from Ericsson-LG and Pragma’s other vendor partners.
Other trending topics covered in the sessions will include: Winning in a changing world; Remote selling best practices from SaaS professionals; Working with Microsoft Teams; How to deliver a remote demo; Adapting to the new world.
Will Morey, Marketing and Sales Director for Pragma, said: “There has never been a better time to innovate and adapt your sales processes, technical team approach and business model. The Ideas Lab team will deliver insights on areas like exploring new revenue streams, delivering remote installations via video content and dynamic tools to enable faster quoting methods.”
The Ideas Labs events are scheduled for tomorrow May 27th and Friday June 3rd. To register or find out more information go to:

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