Legacy infrastructure damaging sustainability goals

Legacy hardware currently contributes to more than a third 37% of organisations’ overall power consumption, finds a leadership survey by Daisy Corporate Services.

It reveals that despite sustainability and energy efficiency ranking as important amongst IT leaders, 63% say their organisation’s legacy infrastructure is causing a sustainability nightmare.

Almost nine in ten IT leaders (86%) say that sustainability and energy efficiency is important to their operations, with 84% stating that their organisation has IT efficiency targets in place.

However, only half (51%) of those surveyed are “very confident” they can meet these targets.

In addition to creating sustainability challenges, legacy technology also remains a significant cost as IT leaders state that 29% of their budgets are being used to support, maintain, and manage legacy hardware.

Andy Bevan, Head of Propositions and Strategy Consulting at Daisy, said: “Organisations can benefit from the sustainability features of their cloud providers but are being held back by the challenges of migrating their legacy hardware.

“Here is where modern hybrid cloud platforms can help bridge the gap between on-site infrastructure and cloud to deliver performance and sustainability benefits.”

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