Remodelling for growth

A major restructure of NG Bailey’s IT Services division positions the business for a period of unprecedented growth across various high potential and emerging markets, according to Managing Director Kelly Tedesco.

Consolidation of the Mobile Services and National Operations divisions within the IT Services business of NG Bailey in April created a new ConnectOp Service unit that will handle all non-defence sector work. It’s a necessary move that positions the business for unprecedented growth, says Tedesco. “Another big strategic development is our strong focus on transforming connectivity for businesses and the benefit that brings to people, places and organisations,” she commented. “We’re more focused than ever on offering the right solutions to the challenges businesses are facing. Our repositioning has also had a transformational effect on how we work with our own operational teams with greater collaboration across the whole NG Bailey Group.”

NG Bailey IT Services delivers integrated IT infrastructure and managed services out of offices across the UK including Leeds, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol. The business operates in many sectors, from healthcare and defence to infrastructure. “In 2022 we launched a three year plan targeting 40 per cent growth in turnover by 2025,” added Tedesco. “We’re on track to deliver this which is testament to the importance of IT and connectivity infrastructure to the economy.”

Against this backdrop Tedesco noted the key industry trends of particular interest to NG Bailey IT Services, including AI and machine learning which present significant opportunities for innovation across various sectors. “By harnessing the power of AI we can streamline processes, enhance productivity and deliver more personalised solutions,” she stated. “The increasing adoption of cloud computing also continues to shape the IT industry, offering scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency.”

In 2022 we launched a three year plan targeting 40 per cent growth in turnover

Tedesco also noted that growing cybersecurity threats underscore the importance of robust security measures and strong cybersecurity protocols. And she cited the opportunity offered by private wireless 5G, particularly in driving adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). “Last year we formed a partnership with Nokia and Infinigate and have since launched one of the first 5G labs in the UK at our Leeds head office,” added Tedesco. “This is enabling our team to continue developing its technical expertise.”

Demand for digital
The biggest opportunity, believes Tedesco, resides with UK businesses yet to fully embrace digitalisation. “Whether you’re a manufacturer in Dewsbury, a logistics business in Milton Keynes or a creative company based in Edinburgh everyone can benefit from unlocking the power of connectivity to improve productivity,” she added. “2020 was a transformational year with the pandemic changing how businesses operated overnight, creating demand for increased digitalisation. Since then the digital doorway has fully opened with continued adoption of hybrid working alongside preparations for the PSTN switch off driving demand for integrated solutions including Teams and Google.”

While many businesses have faced tough times post-pandemic, Tedesco says that NG Bailey IT Services’ consultative approach has enabled it to emerge stronger. “More and more customers are looking for partners who can offer business solutions that enable efficiency and growth,” she added. “For example, we encourage clients to look at the PSTN shut down as an opportunity to update, upgrade and future proof solutions. The switch off is a once in a generational change that impacts everyone and is having a huge influence on the market.”
NG Bailey’s IT Services unit operates in environments ranging from iconic buildings and national landmarks to trailblazing projects such as the aforementioned new use cases for Private Wireless 5G Networks. “Other project-rich areas are the defence and social sectors,” added Tedesco. “People working and living in military and social care environments can experience isolation. Our work provides these sectors with Wi-Fi access to keep people connected.”

To meet increasing demands for project delivery NG Bailey’s IT Services division introduced the Aspirational Growth programme which brings on resources and new hires six months ahead of pipeline conversion. “In 2023 we also relaunched our apprenticeship scheme which saw 150 applications for our Structured Cabling and Digital Technical Solutions schemes,” added Tedesco. “We’re now planning to recruit five new apprentices every year as we look to develop the next generation of talent.”

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