Westcon-Comstor goes live on SAP globally

Westcon-Comstor's global SAP platform is now live in 54 countries.

The company first deployed SAP in the United States in 2012 and two years later kicked off a global expansion project in New Zealand, concluding its global rollout by bringing its Africa businesses onto the platform earlier this month.

"Going live globally on SAP is game changing for Westcon-Comstor," said CEO Dolph Westerbos.

"Over the past few years we grew our operations to every corner of the world, generating $6bn in gross revenues for our vendors and customers. We could only scale further with a common business platform which gives instant visibility in our operations with the data to make the best quality decisions.

"There have been challenges and we must continue to optimise, but we now have a foundation to run a truly integrated global business with much improved analytics and data management that benefit our vendors and solution provider customers."

The company has also deployed an automated quoting engine in front of SAP and integrated its BlueSky cloud and services management platform onto SAP.

Dave Spencer, SVP and MD, East Market Unit at SAP North America, added: "This project was a true collaborative effort between Westcon-Comstor and SAP. The culmination of all our work together enables significant business process improvements for Westcon-Comstor and its partners."