Openreach puts dark fibre access plan on ice following competition ruling

Openreach's decision not to launch access to its Dark Fibre infrastructure on October 1st following a ruling by the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has sent shock waves through the broadband connectivity market.

Virtual1 Restless for young talent

DIGITAL network service provider Virtual1 knows that to retain staff and to continue attract the best young talent, it must commit to social commitment.

That’s why in 2016, Virtual1 sealed a partnership with Restless Development, a global agency for youth-led change.

Comms Dealer Update

World leading tech innovator Chairs Comms Vision

Comms Vision Convention (Gleneagles, 8th-10th November) Chair Andy Lippman, Associate Director and co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab (MIT), delves deep into the underlying trends behind this year's conference theme - the rise of the workplace and customer experience.

Company Profile

The wireless future according to Cogent

For years the business connectivity market has been dominated by fixed line solutions, but it's time to move on argues Cogent Distribution Managing Director Jim Kernahan whose business is helping the channel to deftly exploit the wireless revolution that's already in our back yards.

Business Interview

8x8 cloud pioneer displays sheer strategic vision in blazing the innovation trail

Any study of 8x8's evolution will reach two key conclusions. One is that its innovations opened the floodgates to patents that galvanise the company's status as a true digital pioneer. The other is that its Chairman and CTO Bryan Martin has a personal quest for world domination that cannot be suppressed.

Market Review

Why Business Intelligence is an industry no-brainer

As for Business Intelligence, it's been a while since a technology has so consumed industry discussion. It's of the moment, and all about staying in the moment. Here, we assess the rise of real-time analytics and its growing influence in the channel and wider business community.

Business in Focus

EACS CEO thinks big

Former CIO of Ford Motor Company Kevin Timms is now firmly in the driving seat as CEO of MSP EACS, a fast rising £20 million business with corporate sized growth ambitions.

Company in Focus

Securing new opportunities

The coming months will be dominated by customers wanting ICT providers to manage more of their security processes. Here, Ian Kilpatrick, EVP Cyber Security at VAD Nuvias, explains why this is an unprecedented opportunity for the channel.

Case Study

Ways to gain business acumen

Resellers who set on a path towards the BI landscape will soon have the power to change the course of how businesses will operate in the future, according to Ged Cooney, Director of Legal & Commercial at TeleWare.

Business Profile

How Inclarity's Enzo Viscito makes a difference

A lesson from Inclarity Managing Director Enzo Viscito: Don't be wholly enmeshed in your quest for differentiation - be visionary, flexible and pioneering.

News Feature

Distributors play key role in digital era

The digital era may still be in its infancy but many distributors have already made big strides in strengthening the hand of resellers as they make their strategic plays in the new age of technology driven business transformation.

Recruitment Focus

Generous employment creates generous profits

Of various client and prospect meetings over the last few weeks two have stood out in my mind. You might well call it a Tale of Two Employers. Why?


Special Feature

Cheema’s pitch for industry leadership

For PMGC CEO Shez Cheema the coming years have a clear growth trajectory following an acquisition that's created a new force in business communications.