Virtual1 Restless for young talent

DIGITAL network service provider Virtual1 knows that to retain staff and to continue attract the best young talent, it must commit to social commitment.

That’s why in 2016, Virtual1 sealed a partnership with Restless Development, a global agency for youth-led change.

“Restless are a different type of charity,” says CEO Tom O’Hagan. “Not only had they the right cultural fit, but I was also struck by the innovation in their work they do. Young people aren't just seen as dependents but Restless supports them to become leaders in solving issues within their community and globally.”

Kate Kohanzad, Chief of Charity at Virtual1, believes the partnership has been hugely beneficial for both organisations. “We have seen nearly all of our 90 London staff get involved. Not only have we raised over £50,000, but the partnership has encouraged cross team working, with people building new relationships through fundraising events like the Spartan Race. Restless has worked closely with us to understand who we are and what works for our staff. It has genuinely created a real buzz around the office!”

Each year, two staff members get a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit a Restless project as part of the partnership. Keith Saunders and Tara Ridsdale recently returned from a trip to India with Dom Smith, Corporate Manager at Restless.

“We got to see first-hand where the money we raised was being spent. The young women in the Delhi slum left a real impression on us,” said Saunders. (see picture)

“Despite the extreme poverty they were facing and the fact of their gender, I couldn’t believe how driven they were; through Restless they were getting the life skills and training to succeed. We are proud Virtual 1 is supporting this inspiring organisation.”

“As CEO, it is really rewarding to watch my staff get behind our partnership with Restless,” added O’Hagan.

“It has exceeded all our expectations of what we thought we could achieve with a charity partner. Not only are we supporting Restless to unleash the power of young people to lead positive change but they have helped us get a two-star rating in the 2017 Best Companies accreditation - and that makes good business sense.”

To learn how your business could benefit from a partnership with Restless Development, contact Dom at