Trakm8 in partner recruitment drive

Dorset-based telematics company Trakm8 has kicked off a partner recruitment campaign to push its vehicle tracking, dash cam and optimisation solutions deeper into the fleet, insurance and automotive sectors.

According to the company resellers can help businesses overcome a number of transport related challenges such as improving fuel economy and road risk, increasing the utilisation of vehicles and reducing downtime.

"These improvements are driven by insights into vehicle whereabouts, utilisation reports, driver behaviour monitoring and vehicle health reports," said Chris Wilton, Channel Sales Director.

"Dash cam and multi-cam systems can reduce operational costs via lower insurance premiums and a reduction in accident rates."

To prove the point Wilton cited Euro Car Parts, a customer that has witnessed a 20% reduction in at-fault accident rates following the installation of cameras.

Trakm8's portfolio includes a route optimisation and scheduling system that calculates the best way to complete a company's delivery jobs using the least number of vehicles, while also achieving the lowest cumulative mileage and the most fuel-efficient route for each driver.

"There has never been a better time for businesses to introduce telematics to their product portfolio, with market trends still continuing to suggest significant industry growth over the next ten years," added Wilton.