Red Box Recorders talks up new transcription service

Red Box Recorders' link-up with a transcription technology specialist has come to fruition with the launch of a transcription service that enables customers to extend their analysis of spoken voice.

It can be used to enhance audio capture and retrieval, meet compliance needs and strengthen training across contact centres and trading floors.

Working with Speechmatics, Red Box Recorders claims to have brought new levels of accuracy across all 28 languages supported which include English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Russian, with further being added over the coming months.

Transcribed audio, including metadata, can be uploaded into a data warehouse or analytics engine to provide additional value such as surveillance, audit or quality analysis.

Pete Ellis, COO, Red Box Recorders, said: "Our new transcription facility is a tightly integrated component of the core recording engine, which enables us to accurately produce search-optimised text output of audio captured from anywhere.

"This adds more value to the conversations captured, whether for compliance, investigations or operational improvements."

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