Nimans-Unify stage cloud and triple play workshop

Nimans and Unify have staged a joint ‘Cloud & Triple Play' workshop, a three hour event where attendees discovered how to identify, target and win more sales based on cloud as well as on-premise solutions.

"For example, resellers learned about the functionality, benefits, and user adoption tactics for winning new business with Unify's collaboration solution, Circuit," said Marcus Yates, Unify Solutions Business Manager at Nimans.

Unify also introduced its new ‘Triple Play' marketing support programme which can be hosted on a partner's own website and provides resellers and end users with transparent solution choices.

"Triple Play is designed to increase revenues, enhance demand generation and motivate resellers to break into new markets," added Yates.

"Triple Play also plays into the digital buyer journey of today where its estimated 85% of small business owners begin the buying process in a digital environment. Triple Play enables partners to capture those buyer prospects during the early stage of their online research."