NFON AG partners with T-Systems

T-Systems and NFON have partnered to create a new UC bundle called ‘Dynamic Services for UC NFON Enterprise'.

The service is designed for companies from 100 extensions and comprises the TC system within the NFON cloud, scheduling of voice into public networks with Quality of Service as well as individual and network access from the customer site to the MPLS of T-Systems.

Up to three devices can be attached to each extension. For example, one workplace telephone and one soft client both on the PC as well as on the mobile device.

"Companies that want to keep up with a visibly dynamic and ever faster advancing digitisation must enable their employees to go with the high speed of both the competition and the technological progress," said Patrick Molck-Ude, Managing Director Telecommunication Division at T-Systems.

"Contemporary collaboration tools are becoming an enabler for innovation in the digital age. Even if technology accelerates the introduction of new business ideas and models it is still people who actually develop and launch business ideas. Dynamic Services for UC NFON Enterprise is an important component in this."

"The services of T-Systems and NFON AG complement each other, we foster a partnership at eye level", added Hans Szymanski, Chief Executive Officer of NFON AG.