Lone worker solution helps save unconscious engineer

A solution provided by ANT Telecom that protects lone workers in the event of a health and safety incident paid off when a diabetic engineer collapsed while working alone on site and out of sight of colleagues.

ANT Telecom had implemented a DECT system with an alarm messaging application and lone worker handsets fitted with panic buttons and tilt sensors that trigger and distribute alarms. The alarms escalate if there is no initial response.

The moment the engineer was rendered unconscious an alarm was raised by the engineer's mobile handset, alerting staff to the incident.

ANT Telecom MD Klaus Allion said: "The business wanted to ensure that all of its employees were equipped to raise an alarm, should they come into difficulty, particularly if they are working alone.

"This proved vital in the case of its diabetic employee. If colleagues had found him ten or 15 minutes later, it could have sadly been a different outcome."

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