Knight Corporate Finance instrumental in tvf deal

The sale of thevoicefactory (tvf) to US cloud business Evolve IP followed a two year period in which Knight Corporate Finance worked alongside tvf advising on business and financial planning, enhancing its management information and preparing for exit - including negotiating a growth capital package from Finance Wales in 2016.

thevoicefactory has made a name for itself through partnering with vertical-specific resellers and developing products to target specific markets; and the company's US expansion move put it under the noses of potential acquirers keen to buy into its expertise and market position in the UK.

tvf CEO Paul Harrison commented: "Working with Knight enabled us to prepare and instill disciplines that were key to unlocking value and realising the potential of our business.

"When the time came we could clearly articulate a compelling strategy for a deal that met our aspirations. These have been realised as part of the sale."

Knight Corporate Finance Director Paul Billingham added: "This deal highlights the importance of planning and strategy to ensure that your business truly stands out to investors and acquirers.

"We have seen an increasing amount of interest from overseas in UK businesses, particularly for hosted platforms, and expect several more announcements this year."

Founded in 2008 Knight Corporate Finance has completed over 90 transactions in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors.

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