Javelin Networks signs up with Exclusive Networks

Security firm Javelin Networks has signed a master agreement with pan-European distributor Exclusive Networks, which will now target hundreds of resellers with Javelin's intrusion prevention and detection technology.

Javelin focuses on protecting Microsoft Active Directory by preventing attackers from stealing user network identities which can be used to cause data breaches.

If an attacker manages to get inside a network perimeter to 'sniff' the Directory, Javelin's solution floods the attacker's view of the database with decoy identities that cannot be used to breach the wider network.

The technology also alerts network administrators of nefarious activity to allow them to tackle it.

Barrie Desmond, COO of the Exclusive Group, said: "With Javelin Networks we will offer products and services throughout Western Europe, enabling enterprises to improve their stance against threats, network breaches and data loss."

Javelin was founded in 2014 by three intelligence experts from the Israeli Defence Force, where they were taught to attack organisations through Active Directory, which is not specifically protected by many users of it.

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