Exponential-e secures position on new Technology Services 2 Framework

Exponential-e has secured a position on the new Technology Services 2 Framework which launched last month. The platform allows public sector bodies looking to deliver IT projects to connect with specialist technology providers.

The Technology Services 2 Framework is divided into four main 'lots', covering Technology Strategy and Service Design (lot one), Transition and Transformation (lot two), Operational Services (lot three) and Programmes and Large Projects (lot four). Exponential-e will have a presence in all four.

Exponential-e Director of Public Sector, Afshin Attari said: "This marks our intent to deliver agile and innovative solutions to scores of government organisations that will improve their efficiency and, in turn, the way they operate.

"It's also a firm marker that Exponential?e is committed to growing its position in the public sector technology space and we expect our business to grow as a direct result of our involvement with this framework."

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