European Commission paves way for innovative technologies

The European Commission is meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) to set down a path for greater co-operation between member states for the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, e-health and other technology innovations.

The Digital Day follows a similar event held last year, which set up progress across member states in high-performance computing, connected mobility and the digitisation of industry to help drive the Commission's Digital Single Market.

The end of roaming charges, the portability of online content and greater data protection through GDPR are the result of previous collaborative efforts through the European Commission.

Andrus Ansip, vice-president for the Digital Single Market, said: "Europeans are starting to feel the benefits of the Digital Single Market on the ground. They can now travel across borders with their favourite video and music streaming services - and with no roaming charges. And soon, geo-blocking when shopping online will be a distant memory, and our personal data will be better protected as of 25 May through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)."

Digital Day 2018 will include declarations aimed at member states joining forces on artificial intelligence and the protection of personal information, and building a European partnership in blockchain technologies and delivering their interoperability.

There will also be guidelines on sharing data to personalise healthcare and on 5G cross-border testing corridors to support connected and automated mobility - with the latest ones being announced in Spain and Portugal, said the Commission.

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