Curtain raised on Invosys Hosted

The acquisition of VoIP platform developer Telux HD by call management firm Invosys in March has been followed up with the launch of Invosys Hosted, a service that includes Telux's open source cloud comms platform integrated with Invosys's Number Manager portal, which enables customers to configure, manage and monitor their call management solutions.

Invosys Hosted runs on high-spec servers across a number of UK data centres and has experienced zero down time in the past 12 months.

Invosys co-founder Peter Crooks said: "Innovation and breaking the mould is what we do best at Invosys. While the majority of of VoIP companies are reselling someone else's product, we have decided to throw out the rule book and do it ourselves."

Invosys CEO Rob Booth added: "Invosys are on a mission to create change and offer choice in the channel, providing an alternative and encouraging customers to try something new and exciting. Invosys Hosted is a perfect example of this."

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