Comms Vision 2017 update: How to survive the future of work

Business growth strategies and roadmaps based on past experience must be scrapped. Why? Because we inhabit the post-digital world and fresh thinking on the rise of platforms is now the order of the day, according to Euan Davis, who leads the Centre for the Future of Work in Europe at Cognizant Technology Solutions.

"We are living in the post-digital era," he stated. "Customers understand what they need to survive. The real question is how to capture value in five years time. It comes down to data. More companies are competing on data than anything else."

Davis cited BMW which wants 5,000 data scientists. Of course the demand outstrips supply, but the car maker's requirement shows where it stands on the future role of software in cars and how modern vehicles are doubling up as 'platforms'.

"Platforms will be central to how businesses thrive over the next five years," added Davis. "But few fully understand the nature of a platform. It's a layer of software that captures data and intelligence. Think of LinkedIn. Platforms are growing everywhere and new configurations are emerging around industry.

"APIs enable platforms to mesh together. This is where the magic happens, gelling the digital world and driving innovation. So build platforms and organise work around them. Become more fluid and develop new structures to move forward."

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