9 Partners restructures sales team into three tiers

Following a review of partner support requirements 9 Partners (formerly Nine Wholesale) has restructured its sales team from one to three tiers - Partner Management, Technical Sales and Mobile Sales.

"9's heritage is telecoms, however the product portfolio and our expertise has expanded into IT and mobile services," said Partners Director Adam Cathcart. "These distinct focus areas are reflected by this new structure."

9's Head of Sales Anna Roper will oversee the Partner Management team: "Partners come to us with ideas for their growth plans and we work with them to identify opportunities and put in the groundwork to make it happen," she said. "We have also opened our partner base up to IT and mobile resellers and help them identify opportunities to offer telecoms products and service."

9's Technical Sales team trains both the 9 Partner Management team and partners on new product and service offerings. Head of Technical Sales Rob Downes commented: "The remit of our team is to assist partners with new additions to their portfolio, such as eve, our hosted voice solution, or to those new to IT, products like Office 365. By working with partners to achieve a more unified, solution-led approach we aim to drive sales across the product set."

The Mobile Sales team helps partners to grow their mobile offering and also offer complete unified communications as a one-stop-shop. Simon Fort, Head of Mobile, said: "Many traditional telecoms partners are anxious about the complication of adding mobile to their product portfolio as they believe it's complex and difficult to support. Deciphering a customer's contract terms, tariffs and usage can make it difficult to put a winning proposal together.
So we work collaboratively with partners to give them an opportunity to win and retain mobile business."

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