8x8 bolsters AI capabilities with MarianaIQ acquisition

The acquisition of Silicon Valley start-up MarianaIQ by 8x8 confirms the primary role of AI and Machine Learning in the future look of 8x8's new X Series platform.

MarianaIQ has specialised in applying AI and deep learning to practical business problems since 2013.

"With the acquisition of MarianaIQ we are transforming how customers and employees interact through one system of engagement, and how companies optimise valuable moments of customer engagement with one set of data in one system of intelligence," said Dejan Deklich, Chief Product Officer, 8x8.

"By infusing MIQ's deep learning capabilities into 8x8's X Series, contact centre agents gain detailed information on previous interactions, complete customer history and a 360-degree context before they even start a conversation."

Deklich also noted that 8x8's AI capabilities will bring intelligent call routing to call centers along with speech analytics.

8x8 CTO Bryan Martin confirmed that acquisitions remain a key component of the firm's strategy.

"We acquired Sameroom last year to enhance our team collaboration capabilities and we are one of the few players offering an interoperable chat system that can speak to Slack, Stride and other enterprise level chat applications," he stated.

"The acquisition of MarianaIQ is the right investment for X Series, a single system of engagement and intelligence that combines communications, collaboration and contact centre into one platform."

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