Maintel outsources with Agilitas to facilitate growth

Maintel has partnered with Agilitas to provide an inventory management service that will enable the company to enhance its delivery in line with growth plans. 

Transferring inventory management and stock ownership to Agilitas has resulted in an outsourcing of Maintel’s entire hardware infrastructure of over 65,000 technology devices.

Gillian Bailey, Operations Director at Maintel, said: “Our customers have undoubtedly benefited from this partnership. We were OK at logistics prior to the outsourcing but we lacked automation and a general logistics know-how.

“However, now that we are working with Agilitas we can see what a real logistics organisation can do in terms of systems, processes, spares profiling and logistics best practice.”

Shaun Lynn, CEO of Agilitas, added: “Automation is at the heart of modern inventory management and working with Maintel represents its transformative power to drive operational efficiency at scale.”

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