Fuse adds Highlight for multi-tenant networks

Fuse has chosen Highlight’s service assurance platform to shed light on the networks it delivers to multi-tenant commercial properties.

According to Director Jamie Mableson, upheaval in commercial property has created an opportunity as landlords lack expertise to manage multi-tenant networks, and do not want to employ IT specialists

He said: “Our property agent clients and landlords are having to adapt to new ways of working and future accommodation requirements. With so much uncertainty, their tenants are looking for flexible contracts rather than traditional long-term leases. 

“This means a large floor plate that would traditionally have been allocated to single occupier, is now being split into a number of units, with each unit let fully inclusive of data and telecoms. In the past, data connectivity was the responsibility of the tenant. However, due to the need for flexibility, it is now the landlord and agent who are installing dedicated, secure connections for each tenant.”


The deal with Highlight is designed to give managing agents control back with transparency on how the networks in these multi-tenant buildings are performing to help improve communication with their customers as well as identify and resolve issues more efficiently. 

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