Virgin Media O2 signs Greener Litigation pledge

Virgin Media O2 has become a Greener Litigation Associate Member, pledging to support the organisation’s work and achieve progress in the transition to Net Zero carbon emissions.

As part of its sustainability strategy VM O2 aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions across its operations, products and supply chain (Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions) by the end of 2040. 

Last year, it reduced its carbon emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) by 29% against its 2020 baseline and prevented more than 29 million tonnes of carbon from entering Earth’s atmosphere. 

Enrique Medina Malo, General Counsel at Virgin Media O2, said: “Signing the Greener Litigation Pledge means our legal team and suppliers will play an active role in helping us to reduce our impact on the planet, and in-line with climate science to help prevent global temperatures from rising above 1.5 degrees.”

Olivia Wybraniec, Managing Associate Barrister and Greener Litigation Steering Committee Co-Chair, added: “Each of our Associate Members send a powerful message to the lawyers they instruct and suppliers they use, as well as to other organisations, that sustainability must be a central consideration in how we conduct litigation.”

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