Rigby Group slashes decade from net zero timeline

SCC-owner Rigby Group has shared its 2024 sustainability report, detailing its efforts to become net zero by 2040, a decade earlier than its original plan.

The company first launched its sustainability strategy in June 2023 under the title of Project Sequoia, after a year of planning.

The roadmap encompasses all three of the Group’s businesses with SCC sat alongside hotel and airport units. Rigby Group has hired a Head of Sustainability, Paul Southall to ensure all targets are met.

For SCC, ongoing work to improve data centre efficiency has reduced power consumption for cooling by nearly 70%.

In this year, the group purchased 100% renewable rego-backed electricity and installed solar panels at its flagship SCC data centre, that will avoid around 124 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

SCC Submitted science-based targets to SBTi for validation and 538,332 items were recycled at in-house recycling facilities.

The target for SCC in 2024 is to improve CDP climate module Grade C.

Southall said: “Taking us far beyond compliance, Project Sequoia is setting us up to seize opportunities to further reduce our footprint, embrace regenerative practices, collaborate with likeminded stakeholders, and lead by example across the industries in which we operate,”

Steve Rigby, Rigby Group CEO, added: “Despite the macro-economic challenges of 2023, I am heartened to see how much progress we have made towards our goals.”

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