Channel prepared to pounce on a wealth of opportunities

Business plans concocted pre-pandemic were thrown out the window as the requirement for two years of crisis thinking to protect revenue and staff wellbeing became paramount. In the wake of the pandemic, thinking pivoted from response to recovery; a stabilising period that saw many get back on their feet.
According to a joint leadership piece from Deloitte and Salesforce, we are entering a third stage, where businesses can come out of recovery and begin to thrive, putting in long-term thinking for the next three to five years.

The joint report aptly labels this stage as ‘Preparing for the next normal’, which will largely be driven by emerging technologies that the channel has become proficient proprietors of. The looming PSTN switch off and the fibre and 5G rollouts all present significant revenue potential for channel operators.

With the shift to a thrive mindset, it seems like prime time to check in with the channel to discuss future planning. We asked our forward-thinking channel friends to share with us the key trends shaping long-term strategy and divulge how they were aiming to maximise on the big opportunities that lie ahead.

Our expert panel also discussed potential future roadblocks and how they aim to minimise risk.