New Boris Bike style mobile charging launches in London

A new company aims to take the pain out of dying mobile batteries by launching a Boris Bike phone charge concept.

London-based start-up, ChargedUp, which launches in London this month, has developed a network of vending stations - all powered by green energy - where users can borrow portable battery banks for a small fee, use them for as long as they need and then return them to a station of their choosing.

People will be able to locate a station using the ChargedUp app and then simply scan the QR code to release a battery. Each battery can charge a phone twice over and comes with connector cables for both iPhone and Android.

The entire ChargedUp network runs on 100% green energy, made possible by a partnership with Ecotricity.

Founder and CEO Hugo Tilmouth (pictured) commented: “Battery life has not managed to keep up with the demands we put on our Smartphones and running low part-way through the day is now a common, and very frustrating, occurrence. It was certainly driving us mad! It’s why we developed ChargedUp as an easy, cost-effective way to charge your phone on the go. From as little as 50p, you’ll always be fully charged.

“We also wanted to ensure that we had protecting the environment at the heart of the business, which is why all the batteries are charged using green energy from Ecotricity, whilst also utilising the sharing economy to reduce lithium battery consumption”

ChargedUp’s innovative battery rental stations are launching across nearly locations in London this month.

ChargedUp aims to be in over 1000 venues in London by the end of 2018 and will expand beyond the capital in early 2019. The company is looking to work alongside Pret-A-Manger, TFL and Wetherspoons to ensure you can borrow a battery on every high-street in the UK.

To welcome users on board, when customers download the ChargedUp App (see:, they will receive their first two charges completely free.  

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