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UK communications equipment companies see values increase

Industry analysts Plimsoll Publishing has looked into the valuations of the UK’s largest 100 communications equipment companies and the headline figures offer encouraging news. Overall values are on the up, rising 6% in the period of the review. Fifty three of the companies included have seen their values increase by a staggering 54%.

Global broadband uptake shifts down a gear

The quarterly growth rate in Q2 2006 has been the lowest ever, only 7.1% worldwide, a significant drop from 8.5% at the end of 2005. That’s according to the latest report from Point Topic, ‘World Broadband Statistics: Q2 2006’, using data to 30 June 2006.

New broadband entrants challenge traditional business models

New broadband players are making an entry with innovative business models that challenge established providers to start rethinking their strategies, according to Arthur D. Little`s report, called Next Generation Networks in Europe – Broadband in 2011 and Beyond.

Global DSL numbers rocket to 164 million subscriber

Global subscriptions to DSL rocketed to 164 million by 30 June 2006, according to the latest data produced for the international DSL Forum by industry analyst Point Topic. Worldwide, the number of business and residential users selecting DSL (digital subscriber line) for broadband access increased by almost 46 million – a growth of 38% in the 12 months.

Vodafone and BT strengthen wholesale relationship

Vodafone has reached an agreement with BT Wholesale for a deal that will allow Vodafone to offer its own branded broadband services. Vodafone has yet to announce any tariff packages, and services are expected to be launched by the end of this year.

Move from community-based websites to mobile communities

There is evidence to suggest that community-based websites are starting to make the transition to mobile and are now being more frequently accessed through the mobile channel.

Hedge fund industry provides new opportunities for ICT channel

In the past IT vendors have had limited scope to service the lucrative world of the hedge funds, but increasing exposure and regulation are forcing this industry’s participants globally to look to technology to ease some of their pain points.

Western Europe prepares to switch on mobile TV

The level of demand for mobile TV in Western Europe is still unclear, but according to a new IDC Insight it is clear that moves are being made to ensure there is a dedicated pipeline to serve this market, as 3G is limited in terms of capacity and the need for multicast technologies is far greater.

Industry analysis: 0871- The baby and the bathwater?

Industry comment & analysis by Kieron James, chairman, FCS Numbering Group

Strong start to Q1 2006 in global PBX/IP PBX market

Comms think tank, MZA Consultants, reports a strong start for Q1 2006 in the PBX and IP PBX markets, with global volumes rising by 4% compared to the same period in 2005, as the number of extensions shipped worldwide registered at 15,851,000 extensions.

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Former lawyer followed her tech sector dream

Helen Freestone, Director of UK Partnerships & Alliances at Vodafone, ranks highly in the league table of channel leaders. Dedicated to duty, people and partner-centricity, she displays all the traits of stand-out headship required to lead in disruptive times.