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Why comms and IT companies are now important to AIM

AIM (The Alternative Investment Market) is proving an increasingly popular route for technology and telecoms companies looking to aid growth in a highly competitive sector, discusses Nick Winters, client partner of Vantis, a business advisory, taxation and accountancy practice.

Enterprise extension sales up 24% in Q3 2006

As the SME segment continues to catch more attention from vendors, extension sales in the bigger enterprise increased by an impressive 24% year-on-year rise in Q3 2006. Sales in the 100-plus market now represent 47% of total extensions compared to 40% in Q3 2005.

European mobile phone market grows 9% in 3Q06"

According to IDC`s latest European Mobile Devices Tracker, the Western European mobile phone market, consisting of traditional mobile phones and converged devices, grew by 9% year on year in 3Q06, with shipments reaching 44.1 million units compared to 40.5 million units in the corresponding period of 2005.

Europe PBX-IP PBX Market 1H 2006

In the first half of 2006 a total of 12.8 m extension lines were shipped on PBXs/IP PBXs in Europe, reflecting growth of 3% in volume terms over the same period in 2005, research by MZA has found. 

Mobile sports content & services to hit $3.8bn by 2011

Mobile sports information and entertainment services are expected to take an increasing share of the global mobile sports, leisure and information content (infotainment) market over the next five years.

In-house security threats continue unabated states report

The challenge of controlling security threats triggered by users in the workplace shows no sign of abating, new research commissioned by Check Point Software Technologies suggests.

Industry boffins predict 2% increase in turnover this year

A thorough look into how the UK comms market is developing has revealed that between 2002 and 2006 the market has grown, with the exception of 2005 when turnover declined by 1% in value terms to £32.4m. This year, research house MBD expects industry turnover to increase by 2% in value terms to £32.9m.

Eastern Europe fixed line market in decline

Compared to the mobile telecoms industry, the fixed-line industry in Central and Eastern Europe has experienced several years of sharp decline.

Plimsoll names Communications Equipment Industry winners

The UK’s most successful communications equipment companies have been named as part of a special study by industry analysts Plimsoll Publishing. These outstanding companies have been grouped into 5 different areas of financial success.
33 companies named as best overall financial performers

European ICT market set fair for continued growth

THE market for information technology and telecommunications (ICT) will grow this year in the EU by 3.1%, to €644 billion, according to the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) in its latest study.

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Solving the ever complex connectivity equation

With a complex array of high bandwidth Ethernet,, FTTP, SD WAN and more besides, all made more complex by variations in cost, capabilities and coverage, how can we do the maths and provide customers with the connectivity they need without confusing them and ourselves?