Artificial Intelligence

  • IBM Watson initiative spurs AI adoption

    IBM is making its AI system Watson capable of being deployed anywhere in a move to drive adoption. 
  • Winfield talks up AI

    Artificial Intelligence is the technology that will most excite the industry in 2019, according to Content Guru's UK Sales
  • Martino’s top picks: Speech intelligence and omnichannel analytics

    Speech intelligence and omnichannel analytics will combine to drive one of the biggest future trends in the comms industr
  • Macri on AI and home life

    The rise of AI has redefined the channel as a facilitator of an ever more intelligent workplace, according to Joe Macri,
  • AI and Machine Learning come to the fore

    AI and Machine Learning will have a significant impact on the managed services industry next year, according to Zen CTO Justin Fielder, who says the ability to spot problems before they occur is a
  • Sabio bags Singapore firm FlexAnswer

    Sabio's acquisition of Singapore-based flexAnswer Solutions expands its reach in the APAC region and brings in additional
  • Atos-Google Cloud open AI lab in London

    An AI business lab created by Atos and Google Cloud aims to boost the development of data analytics, hybrid cloud and digital transformation solutions. 
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