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  • How Colquhoun harnessed Solar power

    There aren't too many comms entrepreneurs who began their careers by setting up a game lodge in South Africa, but as you will see, Mark Colquhoun, Chief Executive at Solar Communications, is one of a kind.
  • Hayman outlines SpliceCom’s strategy

    Few industry figures deserve the label 'seasoned comms veteran' as much as Robin Hayman, SpliceCom's Director of Marketing and Product Management, whose watchwords 'no direct sales, no trade distribution' continue to pay off for the innovative vendor and its channel partners.
  • No flies on ANT Telecom

    Klaus Allion became fluent in solution selling early in his career when based in Germany, long before exporting his consultancy expertise to the UK when he took the helm at ANT Telecom as Managing Director.
  • How Square 1 Products is shaping up

    As an independent distributor of computer hardware, AV kit and a provider of professional services, Square 1 Products is strategically placed to help resellers capitalise on convergence opportunities, according to Sales Director Gary Conner.
  • BlackBerry poised to reclaim supremacy

    Few could have predicted BlackBerry's roller coaster ride following its meteoric rise to dominance a decade ago.
  • Clark’s growth culture

    Calyx CEO Steve Clark is growing his company culture with the sublime dedication of a scientist because for him, culture is everything.
  • Problem solver Heyes finds the answers

    Solving problems comes naturally to TFM Networks Managing Director David Heyes, so much so that we should perhaps dub him the industry's Solution Finder.
  • Annodata set for £100m

    When Annodata's joint Managing Director Andrew Harman announced the appointment of two key hires this summer his intention to create a £100 million turnover business over the coming two years received a strategic boost of significant proportions.
  • Former actor plays leading role in comms

    Like many comms entrepreneurs ANS Group Chairman Scott Fletcher started trading out of a back bedroom, but not so common among his peers was his decision to pursue a livelihood in IT rather than develop an already successful TV career.


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