Why UK uncertainty favours today’s jobseekers

After a tumultuous period of electoral surprise and tragic events, there is a palpable sense of trepidation across the country at the moment, writes Clive Jefferys of Telecoms recruitment agency JMA Network.

With so many bad things on people's mind of late, you can hardly blame them for wanting to play safe.

While the temporary and contract market remains strong, swapping jobs is part and parcel of this sector and the true barometer is always permanent employment. All in all, we are witnessing the lowest level of new jobseekers for permanent roles in 20 years.

Yet demand for staff remains high, particularly in telecoms. So the current market trend is very good news for anyone willing to look for a new career option today.

Quite simply - if you go to an interview today you will have hardly any competition for the job!

Whereas we would normally source many good candidates for every role, at the moment we can only offer one or two. Providing they are good enough to do the job in question, the offers are forthcoming and its very much business as usual here.

So in an era of 'one on one' recruitment, what can employers do to increase their chances of hiring?

Firstly, accept this new reality. There's no point bemoaning it. Instead you should embrace the opportunity and consider how you can outsell your competition to win the best candidates.

Secondly, it's not all about money. Certainly offering higher starting salaries helps, but the intangible benefits are just as important. Demonstrating flexible working, extra staff benefits and excellent team morale all help to make your company a 'go to' destination.

Thirdly, nurture your hiring friendships. Jobsites, traditional and social media and of course, recruitment agencies, are all your vital allies.

Invest in and motivate these key relationships to keep their attention, to get them on your side with the best people.

In sum, you must learn to love every channel you have into the candidate market. If you look after them, they will look after you!