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Key Axonex acquisition spurs fast rising Vodat

Vodat's acquisition of Cheltenham-based Cisco Gold Partner Axonex more than doubles the size of the business and according to Managing Director Neil Poultney his ambition to become a one-stop-shop for ICT technology has also redoubled.

Ombex takes Quantum leap in cyber security

Forget the conventional state of corporate network protection. What really counts is the next revolution in cyber security services and SD-WANs, the likes of which the UK comms industry has never seen before, according to their inventors and evangelists.

Node4 channel chief outlines strategy for mid-market push

Node4's appointment of Andrew Wilson as Director of Channel Sales early this year was a clear sign of strategic intent. Here, Wilson discusses his channel strategy and underlines Node4's status as a growing force in the mid-market.

WebRTC's channel-ready and set to revolutionise comms

WebRTC is tipped to revolutionise the way businesses communicate and according to industry experts the technology is already edging closer towards mainstream and widespread adoption.

Distributors play key role in digital era

The digital era may still be in its infancy but many distributors have already made big strides in strengthening the hand of resellers as they make their strategic plays in the new age of technology driven business transformation.

Time to secure ground on the cyber attack surface

Organisations are confronted by a fast expanding attack surface that requires a more diverse set of protection methods and a strategy based on close analysis of internal and external risks, says David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

Intercity poised to go global with new UC platform

Intercity Technology has lifted the curtain on a new in-house developed UC platform that CEO Andrew Jackson says will make a mark on the global map as well as the channel landscape.

Intelligent portal breaks new ground in the channel

When elevating portals to the next level there is no match for taking an intelligent approach, according to co-founder Keith Curran who reveals the remarkable ‘smart' capabilities of the company's upcoming Version 4 portal.

The smart wave arrives

The promised land of analytics and BI has emerged into market reality, according to Rita Sallam, Research Vice President at Gartner, who reveals encouraging market insights that provide context for channel players wanting to understand the demand drivers.

ITSPA’s two big issues

The Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association (ITSPA) has embarked on a two pronged project this year - to help unravel the tangled issues around number portability and to push the Government into more effectively combating toll fraud. Here, Chair of ITSPA Eli Katz outlines the big lobbying plan.

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