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Building new business in powerful times

Here we put a spotlight on the concerted campaigns pursued by three of the comms channel's energy providers as they continue to boost partner revenues with not only market beating energy solutions, but also the associated opportunities in cross-selling, new customer acquisition, client ring-fencing and retention.

Comms sector update: Q3 dominated by fibre-fest and M&A

Philip Carse, Analyst at, reports on the recent performance of leading companies in the comms space during the last quarter.

Getting to the heart of medical matters

The new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) represents the orchestration of greater competition and opportunity in the marketplace, which is music to the channel's ears.

Why Business Intelligence is an industry no-brainer

As for Business Intelligence, it's been a while since a technology has so consumed industry discussion. It's of the moment, and all about staying in the moment. Here, we assess the rise of real-time analytics and its growing influence in the channel and wider business community.

Big boys outperformed by smaller rivals

Philip Carse, Analyst at, reports on the recent performance of leading companies in the comms space during the last quarter.

Why schools are a playground of channel opportunities

Ahead of the education sector's summertime ICT buying period Comms Dealer highlights the areas of opportunity for resellers and spotlights the technologies and integrated solutions under consideration by schools planning their summer break upgrades.

Game changing times

Britain's infrastructure badly needs smart innovation and the response by leading channel network providers ranks with some of the greatest comms industry game changers to date.

Industry acts to combat toll fraud, but more to do

In truth, the toll fraud question has been one of the most under-debated industry issues, but in recent times there has been an outbreak of common sense with the sector becoming more articulate in promoting coherent anti-fraud strategies that will help to remake the industry into its own image and gain back control.

Analytics: The channel’s greatest opportunity?

There is no going back on the rise of analytics, it's 21st Century and a widely accepted main feature of the digital revolution. On analytics the market has spoken, and we should remember that resellers will fail to meet customer expectations if they do not take heed.

Comms industry enters age of the portal

Supplier and reseller operations must be brought up to date if the comms industry's cogs are not to jam. But fear not - the rise of highly developed portals will ensure that the channel's wheels remain well greased for today and the times ahead.

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