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Comms Dealer's features are a trusted source of industry information written with the authority and independence of Comms Dealer's leading journalists and editorial staff. All features are guaranteed to create aareness, hold attention and impart valuable and detailed comment, analysis and guidance to our community of voice and data resellers. Areas covered include: The current issues, business opportunities, new products, opinion and commentary from the industry's movers and shakers, tips on selling, case studies, business matters such as legal advice, advice on how to market the products and services you supply, and much more

Comms Dealer Features List 2018 The Comms Dealer 2018 core Feature Schedule is designed to explore key growth areas and market segments based on the following criteria:

  • Market size and growth rate
  • Market trends, drivers and structure
  • The channel/reseller opportunity
  • Factors for success and strategies for growth
  • Market viewpoints and observations, tips and advice


  • Gauging the impact of SD-WANs on the UK ICT market
  • New platforms for growth: Insight into the open integration and collaboration strategies of hosted comms providers seeking to dovetail with the major business platforms


  • Digital transformation: Where will the channel's future influence and profits lie?
  • Planning for growth in a sector primed for M&A


  • Selling finance sector technology
  • Are collaboration tools the real drivers of business transformation?


  • Selling education sector technology
  • The wonder of wireless: Top technologies, market trends and hotspots


  • Delivering UC-based business transformation - what's new, market trends, the challenges and opportunities
  • Guide to GDPR compliance: Are you and your customers prepared?


  • R&D Insights: What next for billing software?
  • Selling Hospitality sector technology


  • Security Matters: Can we secure networks and data without increasing technological complexity?
  • Assessing the impact of AI on contact centres and rethinking the customer experience


  • Digital alchemy - Turning base customer data into gold: How to build solutions that maximise the data (structured and unstructured) collected by analytics, AI and speech analysis
  • Are we still counting the cost of toll fraud?


  • New spins on WebRTC: Which channel products have the most legs
  • Selling health sector technology


  • AI: Infusing the Internet of Things with intelligence
  • R&D Insights: What next for interaction management, integration and reporting


  • Selling retail sector technology
  • Smart Cities: New centres of channel opportunity


  • Digital Britain: Report on progress in 2018, and targets for 2019
  • Portal power: Opening doorways to a new world of customer engagement