TeleWare accepted onto Microsoft’s Technology Adoption Programme

TeleWare has been accepted onto Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for Trusted Application APIs. This gives TeleWare the ability to integrate its products with Office365, in particular, Skype for Business voice recording. 
TeleWare holds a number of Gold and Silver competencies with Microsoft. Acceptance onto the Trusted Application API program is the latest in a string of achievements hot on the heels of two world firsts. 

In September 2016 TeleWare became the first to route record and analyse a call in real-time through the Azure platform in a fully encrypted, compliant environment, removing the need for physical hardware and servers.  Shortly after, TeleWare was also the first to migrate their fixed line call recording operations into Azure.
Microsoft's TAP aims to help support and integrate the next generation of technological innovation into their suite of solutions. In this instance, the TAP allows Microsoft's selected partners the opportunity to deliver services natively into Office365. A privilege only offered to those partners who have proven capabilities and value add for Microsoft users. 
TeleWare has been accepted onto Microsoft's voice recording call flow workstream, meaning it will be the recording partner of choice for call recording users on Office365 using Skype Online.
Steve Haworth, CEO at TeleWare, commented: "Over the coming months TAP will provide a host of benefits to both TeleWare and our customers. Customer's need to ensure their technology choices offer migration paths."