SSE Enterprise Telecoms connects through Thames Water’s waste water network

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has signed an ‘operating licence to deploy' agreement with Thames Water, enabling the distribution of SSE Enterprise Telecoms' fibre optic cables throughout Thames Water's waste water network.

A consequence of the recent Dark Fibre Access (DFA) ruling - that rival providers will not be able to access BT Openreach's existing fibre optic cables to increase competition and end user services - has meant that SSE Enterprise Telecoms has sought new ways to enable connectivity.
Traditionally, telecoms networks have been created and expanded through civil construction ‘digs', that involve laying cables just below the surface - a costly, time-intensive and disruptive way of establishing new connections.

By utilising Thames Water's already existing waste water system, SSE Enterprise Telecoms will be able to reduce network deployment costs by 60% and deploy connectivity services up to 10 times faster than through traditional digs.
"Businesses fundamentally rely on their network to underpin everyday operations," said Mike Magee, Director of Service Solutions at SSE Enterprise Telecoms.

"With an ever-increasing demand for connectivity, network infrastructures require higher resiliency and improved diversity. Estimates suggest there are as many as 3,000 enterprises in the finance and insurance sectors in the City of London area alone, each vying for connectivity. We've identified a way to solve this by leveraging the waste water network."