snom extends green VoIP initiative

snom technology AG will no longer be including external power supplies as part of the standard package for its 3xx and 7xx series IP phones, focusing instead on powering phones via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

To encourage greater environmental awareness, snom will donate one pound for every IP phone from its 3xx or 7xx series purchased in the nine weeks between 22nd April and 22nd June, 2012. All donations will be made to the environmental initiative Earth Day International in Germany.

"Feedback from our customers has revealed that the vast majority use PoE to power their phones," explains snom's COO, Dr. Michael Knieling. "This means that many thousands of power supplies have probably been produced and never been used: In our eyes an unnecessary burden on the environment. With the donation to Earth Day International, we are providing our customers with a really easy way to help conserve the environment."

snom's promotion is another addition to its ‘Green VoIP' initiative and the low levels of energy consumption which snom IP phones represent. Those who rely on the external power supply unit and are unable to take advantage of the benefits of PoE will continue to be able to request them from their distributor or reseller.

Earth Day takes place annually on 22nd April in more than 150 countries worldwide. Everyone can be involved, and every day is a day for the environment.