Siemens distribution tops agenda at Datasharp's Principals event

Roy_CarterPrincipals from every member of the Datasharp Group descended on St Pierre hotel in Chepstow to catch up with company developments and top of the agenda was Siemens distribution.

Leon Mangan, Siemens Sales Director, told delegates at the annual Datasharp Principals event: "We recognise the value of Datasharp's expertise and knowledge in the field of telecoms. The relationship we have built up over 20 years with Datasharp together with the value of its expertise and the feedback we received testing products makes it the perfect distribution partner."

Roy Carter Datasharp's Managing Director, enthused: "The timing was perfect. Our ability to operate as a distributor was never in question as we have been distributing Nortel products to our resellers for around four years. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity that will ensure our continued growth and success.

"Paul Fullman, Operations Director, has introduced training and testing programs aimed at providing independent evaluation of new technology to ensure we have the right level of support needed in today's fast changing World. New partners can benefit from the well established in-house training facilities on a variety of courses tailored at providing the depth of knowledge vital for today's communications professionals."

Recently appointed Dealer Manager for Datasharp, Kayleigh Ellis, noted that Datasharp is not simply the new kid on the block in Siemens Distribution, highlighting that the Group is a force to be reckoned with: "The Group has huge buying power in hardware and network services, providing a clear advantage to all members."