Openreach 2025: FCS chief calls for industry-wide coordination group

Following news that Openreach is to launch a consultation with CPs and industry groups ahead of the transition from analogue telephony to digital voice services in 2025, FCS Deputy Chairman and Interim CEO Itret Latif said the withdrawal of WLR products represents a 'huge change for the industry' that will affect many of its circa 300 members.

"We are pleased that Openreach notes the need to work closely with FCS and, over the coming months and years, we will be working with them and members to ensure that relevant issues are addressed," stated Latif.

"These include disruption to services, retail future of voice, switching in a multi technology environment, migration timelines, retail contracts management, infrastructure timelines, commercials and new relationships and also APIs that are required will be smoothly managed in good time for the 2025 deadline.

"We also call upon Ofcom to assist - in the same way that it did with broadband switching process changes - by creating an industry-wide coordination group to manage the migration to THE digital world.

"This would ensure no harm comes to end customers and the competitive environment and that the General Conditions are targeted appropriately and are fit for purpose in the transitional and new world."