Nimans guides resellers through mesh networking market

Nimans has created a BT Wi-Fi guide to help resellers address the fast growing mesh networking market and move into more vertical sectors.

Following a recent update to BT's Whole Home Wi-Fi firmware, it is now possible to create a mesh network of up to six discs to suit not just smaller premises.

With each disc supporting up to 32 concurrent users it enables connectivity and flexibility for users wherever they are in their building.

Nimans is now calling on resellers to explore the potential of the upgraded Wi-Fi solution.

Greg Johnson, the company's BT Business Manager, said: "With BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, business owners can get complete Wi-Fi coverage across their premises eliminating dead spots, where previously there was no signal."

The product is originally sold as three discs giving significantly greater Wi-Fi coverage than a standalone router, with single add on units available.

"The discs create an intelligent network to extend Wi-Fi to all corners of a work space. And the app puts customers firmly in control of their network," added Johnson.

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