Kcom launches Myriad 2 platform

Kcom, part of the KCOM Group, has launched its new Myriad 2 Application Programming Interface (API) platform, with Windsor Telecom being the first customer to sign up.

Building on the existing Myriad platform, which offers API access to Kcom's inbound capability, it now features an enhanced ability to allow Partners to respond to their customer's requests, at a faster pace than before.

Iain Shearman, Sales Director, Partner Services at Kcom says: "Myriad 2 takes all the features of Myriad 1 however the key attribute with the upgraded version is that Partners are given greater flexibility, being able to fully control the development and testing phases of new services - a crucial stage when our Partners are responding to the needs and demands of their customers. The new interface platform is completely partner driven and increases Partner independence."

Neil Sherring, CEO & Marketing Director at Windsor Telecom, says: "We've already started using Myriad 2 with an existing customer and the new platform has enabled us to provide a significantly larger database lookup than what we could previously offer with Myriad 1."

The new API features a modular ‘node' design allowing Windsor Telecom to create limitless call flow configurations. Users can do everything from setting up multi-tiered IVR systems to creating queues and helplines, all in a matter of minutes.