Job cuts loom as Azzurri undergoes major restructure

Azzurri's new CEO Gordon Matthews has refuted claims that the company is in financial turmoil. He is overseeing the restructuring of Azzurri but declined to comment on how many staff would be lost. He stated: "I'm at the consultancy stage with my staff at the moment. We are not looking for voluntary redundancies. We have a couple of satellite offices but no main offices are at risk."

Commenting on speculation that planned staff and cost reductions are a result of the business being caught in financial turmoil after poor performances, Matthews stated: "On our alleged poor performance, we're behind budget, but we're not making a loss. In the first half we made a profit. We set ourselves very high expectations and are hugely proud of our achievements."

Former CEO and founder of Azzurri, Martin St Quinton, remains on the board and is working on mergers and acquisitions, as well as with a number of strategic clients of the business.